The 5th World Play Day in Turkey

5th World’s Play Day in Turkey

“We are creating time to play games: 28 May World’s Play Day”

10-13 May 2014

5th Turkey Play Day was celebrated with the cooperation of Marmara University Faculty of Education Department of Primary School Dean of Pre-school Teaching Department and Private FMV Işık Schools between the tenth and thirteenth of May in 2014. The celebration started with the panel “5th World’s Play Day” taking place in FMV Erenköy Işık Schools on tenth of May,2014. Attendees from Turkey and other countries stressed out the significance of creating time to play games. At the end of the panel a declaration of 12 principles was read by Professor Doctor Ayla Oktay and confirmed by all the attendees. The celebration went on with “ 5th Year Celebrations” in Ataşehir Nezahat Gökyiğit Arboretum on 11th of May, 2014 and World’s Play Day field opening took place there. In the celebration speeches were made by Marmara University Pre-school Teaching Department students and the primary school students joining the activities. During the celebration the term “ Game Messengers” was announced by Marmara University special to the fifth year. The meaning of that term was explained by World’s Play Day Coordinator in Turkey Assistant Proffessor Doctor Işık Kamaraj in this way. If you ever played a game in a World’s Play Day, participated in activities or celebrated this event in your school then you are a “ game messenger.” From now on you should create time to play games and play one anywhere. Likewise, you should continue to celebrate World’s Play Day . Besides, people were acknowledged about the website on fifth World’s Play Day celebration. The celebrations continued with “ Traditional Children’s Games Activities” at five different campuses of FMV Işık Schools on the twelfth of May,2014. On the thirteenth of May, 2014 after the works at Marmara University Göztepe Campus took place and games were played by Marmara University Pre School Teaching Department students. After the closure ceremony at the end of the same day the activities ended by the “ Evening Games” at FMV Işık Schools Erenköy Campus.

In addition to these activities World’s Play Day celebrations took place in Istanbul/Kadıköy 60th year Primary School by Marmara University Pre-school Teaching Department for the course “community service practices” on the twenty third of May, 2014.

The Fifth World Play Day activities program downloaded from here as pdf.


V. World Play Day
“We Play Everywhere, Every Place” 10-13 May,2014

The Message of 5th World’s Play Day

The owner of the idea of World’s Play Day is Dr. Freda Kim, from South Korea. World’s Play Day is held every year on 28th of May with different activities everywhere in the World. We are trying to make Turkey’s World Play Day traditional which we organised first in 2010 in our university. This year we are going to organise the fifth one whose first motto was “We are walking for playing games”” was held on 28th of May, 2010. The second theme, which was held on 25, 26 of May 2012 was Our Traditional Games and Toys (Eyüp Toys). The third one, which was held on 17,18 of May 2012 was Outdoor Games and Play Squaress. The fourth one, held on 08-12 of May, 2013 was “ We are playing games everywhere” and the fifth one’s which was held on 10-13 of May, 2014 was “ We are making time in order to play games.” 28th of May is described as World’s Play Day . This year; with the cooperation of Marmara University Facult of Education Department of Primary School  Dean of Primary School Teaching Department and Private FMV Işık Schools the organisation is going to be held. 5th World’s Play Day celebrations will be celebrated with different activities in different places. The day will start with a panel in FMV Işık Schools’ conference room and the organisation will be celebrated at every FMV Işık Schools’s campuses and at Marmara University Göztepe Campus. To celebrate our fifth year, a celebration is going to take place in Nezahat Gökyiğit Arboretum on 11th of May, 2014. If you want to join our 5th World’s Play Day, recreate your childhood and celebrate this day wih us and all world, you are highly welcome to our activities on 10-13 May,2014.

For further information please visit http://  Hoping to celebrate 6th organisation next year and we weish you keep on playing games until that day.

“We should not stop playing, because we are getting older.

We are getting older; because we stop playing games.”

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) (Newsletter, 2011, page 15)

We wish you a happy 28th of May World’s Play Day

Turkey 5th World’s Play Day Coordinator: Assist. Prof.  Dr. Işık Kamaraj

Marmara University Faculty of Education Department of Primary School Department of Pre-school Teaching, Göztepe Campus/Istanbul

5th World’s Play Day Declaration

Feeling and Ideas of the Attendees

1.When I first heard about it I was excited for such an activity. We came here with a huge excitement. As a mother ,who grew up in a village, I take my daughter to Artvin every summer. We are so lucky that such an acvitivity is held in a city.. We really want to thank our teacher Mr. Murat and Marmara University.

2.I am so happy of being here. Thank you. Lots of love.

3. I am joining the activities as a company. I was able to arrive here at 5 p.m. It was so hot. I think the selection of the places is a good decision. It is really nice that parents and children are together. Thank you.

4. It is really nice that such an activity is being held by our teachers and students. For children, every activity that improves children is good. Thank you and I hope this organization will be held forever.

1.At the end of a tiring day when we went out we decided to sit in the canteen with friends. I realized that there was my favorite game of my childhood and I started to play games. Then a kind lady came and took our photos. She said that day was World’s Play Day. Happy World’s Play Day.

2. Rope jumping game took me back to my days of childhood. I forgot about my tiredness for that day and the day before. I am grateful for everything.

3. I was just like living in those days of my childhood. I realized how much fun we had back then. I wanted this would last forever.

4. No matter how old or young you are just play a game. Happy World’s Play Day

5. There were quite interesting games. I learnt how to play domino. Thank you for organizing a such day.

6. Thank you for reminding us the importance of such games.