The 3th World Play Day in Turkey

Turkey III. World Play Day

“Outdoor Games and Playgrounds” 17-18th May 2012

World Play Day was celebrated for the third time in Turkey in 17-18th May 2012, in relation with the theme “outdoor games and playgrounds”, with activities in Marmara University, Göztepe Campus, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Primary Education Department. It was organized by Assist. Prof. Dr. Işık Kamaraj, who is an instructor at Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Primary Education Department, Preschool Education Division. Celebrations were made by 41 attendant students at Marmara University, Preschool Education Division and Mentally Handicapped Teaching Division. Celebrations started with a symposium named “World Play Day”. The traditional parade was made with the participation of Işıl Kamaraj from Marmara University Communication Coordinatorship, and overall 41 students at Preschool Education Division and Mentally Handicapped Teaching Division. “World Play Day Massage 2012” was prepared and distributed to the students in the campus. Then, 41 attendant students prepared playgrounds in the canteen of Primary Education Department, and celebrations continued with the participation of approximately 100 people in those areas. Seven playgrounds were prepared. Approximately 45 students from a kindergarten, with their teachers and parents, participated in activities, played games. Then the day ended with a closing ceremony.


III. World Play Day Message – 2012

World Play Day’s opinion leader and founder is Freda Kim from South Korea. World Play Day is celebrated with a lot of activities, in every 28 May in the whole world. The event identified as a daily, can be celebrated as activities take a week in some countries. Like children, young people, parents, grandparents, teachers, disabled persons, people of all ages participate these activities and re-discover the “power of play”. It has being worked for the recognition of this day officially by United Nations. Our efforts to make the World Play Day, which we organized the first “World Play Day/Turkey” in our university in 2010, have continued with the “II. World Play Day” work. Our event’s first theme was “We Are Walking for Play” in 28 May 2010 and the second theme was “Our Traditional Games and Toys (Eyüp Toys)” in 25-26 May 2011. This year, we have identified our “III. World Play Day’s” theme as “Outdoor Games and Game Places” and have started to works. We will start celebrations in 17 May 2012 with the “III. World Play Day Panel”, we will make a parade in 18 May 2012 with the participation of our students and we will play “outdoor games”. If you want to take part in the “III. World Play Day”, revive the child inside you and to celebrate this day with us and the whole world, we are waiting for you between 17-18 May 2012 to the Primary Education Department, the Department of Early Childhood Education. With the hope of celebrating the fourth one in the following year with more extensive activities and continuing to play until that day.

Happy 28 May World Play Day!

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) George Bernard Shaw (Newsletter, 2011, p.15).

III. Turkey World Play Day Coordinator: Assist. Prof. Dr. Işık Kamaraj

Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education Primary Education Department, Department of Early Childhood Education Göztepe Campus/ Istanbul/Turkey


Emotions and Thoughts in 2012

  1.  “The child slept in my heart awoke. Games, games and games… happy ‘world playing day’ for everyone”.
  2. “Absolutely that was a great day. I hope, everyone will understand value of the ‘playing game’.
  3. “I am D, I felt so happy here. Games were nice greatly.
  4. When I won, I wanted to shout like ‘yupppiii’. I am so happy since I could play with my friends.
  5.  “We had nice two days. I hope this day will celebrate with same way in the next years”.
  6. “That was a wonderful day”.
  7. “It is so nice that our children could learn our time’s games”.
  8. “Playing games in Marmara university campus, 2012 that we played in streets, 1990s … was very touched. Thanks everybody!”
  9. “I am happy because it was a nice day. It is better to lengthen playing days. I went back to my childhood. Thanks.
  10. “To Marmara University Preschool Teaching Department: In my opinion, playing activity which we attend with students and parents was spectacular. We had fun, played, laughed, and lightened. Thanks all my friends who contributed efforts and all teachers, Primary School, Preschool Teacher”.