The 2nd World Play Day in Turkey

Turkey II. World Play Day

“Our Traditional Games and Toys” 25-26th May 2011

World Play Day was celebrated for the second time in Turkey in 25-26th May 2011, in relation with the theme “our traditional games and toys”, with activities in Marmara University, Göztepe Campus, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Primary Education Department. It was organized by Dr. Işık Kamaraj, who is an instructor at Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Primary Education Department, Preschool Education Division. Celebrations were made by 23 attendant students at Marmara University, Preschool Education Division and Mentally Handicapped Teaching Division. Celebrations started with a panel named “World Play Day”. The themed parade “Our Traditional Games and Toys” was made with the participation of Işıl Kamaraj from Marmara University Communication Coordinatorship, instructor Saime Çağlak, and overall 23 students at Preschool Education Division and Mentally Handicapped Teaching Division. Then, 23 attendant students prepared playgrounds in the garden of Primary Education Department, and approximately 100 people played games in those areas. Also, games were played in amphitheatre in Göztepe Campus. Games were: dodge ball, stopping, hopscotch, rope jumping, rope of legs, checker, ludo, dominoes, hula hoop, “Aç kapıyı bezirgan başı”, catching the handkerchief, tug of war, nine rocks, mangala game. Then the day ended with a closing ceremony.


II. World Play Day Message 2011

World Play Day’s opinion leader and founder is Freda Kim from South Korea. World Play Day is celebrated in every 28 May, in the whole world. It has being worked for the recognition of this day officially by United Nations. In this day and through a whole week, playing activies are held in several countries in the world. Our aims with the celebration of the “World Play Day” in our university:

  • To popularise the importance of play
  • To give playing awareness to teacher trainees
  • To “traditionalize” this day and celebrate in our university every year
  • To celebrate this day through a week in our university with various activities
  • To celebrate this day with the participation of local community
  • To encourage a range of national companies to celebration and importance of this day
  • Making Turkey as one of the countries celebrate this day.

Our efforts to make the “World Play Day” which we celebrated last year a tradition, have already started with the preparations of II. World Play Day. Last year, our theme was “We Are Walking for Play”. This year we have decided the theme as “Our Traditional Games and Toys (Eyüp Toys)” and we have started to work. In the activity takes two days, we will make a parade with the participation of our students and we will play with “Our Traditional Games and Toys”. In addition, we are planning to make this day more valuable with a “World Play Day Panel”.

Happy 28 May World Play Day!

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) George Bernard Shaw (Newsletter, 2011, p.15).

II. Turkey World Play Day Coordinator: Dr. Işık Kamaraj

Marmara University, Atatürk Faculty of Education Primary Education Department, Department of Early Childhood Education Göztepe Campus/ Istanbul/Turkey


Emotions and Thoughts That Came from the Heart in 2011

  1. “The World Play Week”, hımm reminded me my childhood and I felt so happy. Jumping rope, dominoes to bring us comfort and joy”. “I am so delight and also I am looking forward this day ”.
  2. “Super”, “It was so enjoyful, I am not to say game is not just for children. People shouldn’t give up playing, I think”.
  3. “I have never thought I would play games in the garden of the university so far. Keep reminding us of this beautiful game, and we thank you for taking a childhood. Happy to play on the world.
  4. “It was so enjoyful. After seventeen years, you reminded me my childhood.
  5.  “Being a child at all times. “Just as childhood”.
  6. “Even if only one day that reminds us of our childhood, I would like to thank the University of Marmara Early Childhood Department students. Very funny”.