5th World’s Play Day Declaration

5th World’s Play Day participants support the articles down.

  1. We support children’s right to play (article 31) based on the Convention on the Rights of Children.
  2. We inform society about children’s right to play games is to be protected and them to respect it.
  3. We inform children about their rights to play games in the Convention on the Rights of Children
  4. We prepare World’s Play Day with children to support their rights to participate in activities.
  5. We inform educators to let children play for at least 40 minutes at school.
  6. We guarantee that we will create space for children to play games in school hours.
  7. We suggest the games to be played outdoors for children to learn about our cultural heritage.
  8. We are of the opinion that a child should play with his peers, with his elders and with the people younger than him. Age is not important.
  9. We encourage educators to assure that children play games.
  10. We encourage local authorities to create places where children can play games safely.
  11. We, as Marmara University and Private FMV Işık Schools guarantee to be in  cooperation with the local authorities to provide a child and game friendly environment and help protecting children’s rights to play games by inspiring the idea of making a game policy.
  12. We support the World Play Day and guarantee that it will be celebrated regularly.

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